Too many options, too little time

So you've started the process of wedding planning and are beginning to feel overwhelmed with it all?! Yep, I've been there. When I was planning my own wedding, having to decide between what seemed like a million vendors instantly became stressful. From venues, wedding planners, photographers, videographers, caterers, florists... the list was endless and there was entirely too much to choose from. In this post, I want to explain 5 different steps that can help you decide on your dream photographer!

Step One

Choose Your Style

When you look at wedding photography, what catches your eyes the most?! Bright + airy photos, moody photos, or maybe you're more traditional?! Whatever you're drawn to most, you should more than likely choose that type of style. Just like you need to figure out your wedding style before you start picking your flowers and decor, the same goes for figuring out your photography style before looking at photographers. Choose one that reflects you and your future hubby's personality best!

Step Two

Email Your Favorites

After you've chosen your ideal style, email your top favorite photographers! An initial email from a wedding photographer is a pivotal moment when choosing them. How eager are they to work with you?! Do they offer a pricing guide to view that lays out their packages?? How long does it take them to respond?! First impressions are HUGE when investing in someone. If you pick up on any iffy vibes, then they're more than likely not the right fit. Don't be afraid to ask them any questions you may have. The more you know upfront, the more confident you can be when deciding to book with them!

Step Three

Ask to Meet in Person

So you've narrowed down your favorites, now it's time to meet them! With everything going on with COVID-19, it may not be ideal to meet someone in person. Instead, ask if you can setup a Zoom meeting or Facetime one another. Whatever it takes to get that face-to-face interaction. Use that opportunity to get a feel for their personality outside of an email. Are you both still on the same page?! Are they listening to all of your wants and needs and taking them into consideration? Don't be afraid to speak up and ask exactly for what you want. I strongly encourage meeting the person prior to booking them. Not only will it give you more peace of mind, but it's a great way to learn more about them and what they stand for!

Step Four

Research Your Prospects

By now you may have a couple photographers you are thinking about booking with. Now it's time to back your decision with references. Do they have testimonials on their website or Instagram?! Has your venue worked with them before? Getting a feel for how they perform in action can be the ultimate decision maker. If you can't find reviews, ask for references from them directly. Hearing other couple's experiences can give you a great idea of your own experience you're about to have.

Step Five

Trust Your Gut

Alright so you've had the chance to communicate with them, you've met them in person, you've asked them all the questions and received answers, and you've even had phenomenal recommendations from third parties- now it's time to decide! The best advice I can give is go with your gut. Who made you feel most comfortable? Keep in mind you're going to be in front of a camera with this person, being comfortable from the beginning is a huge deciding factor. Discuss everything with your fiance. Make sure you're on the same page. Take everything into consideration and run with it! Hopefully at this point, you can choose exactly what you've been searching for and be confident with your decision. Good luck!