Hi, guys! Welcome. I'm Ali!

Going into 2020 this will be my fifth year as the owner and lead photographer of Alivia Photography. Time has flown and I can't believe I have been pursuing my passion this long already. I searched for my "purpose" for what seemed like years prior to starting my own business. During my time at college I have studied what seems like everything under the sun...including architecture, nursing, interior design, and FINALLY I graduated with a degree in business because I truly had no idea what my calling was going to end up being. I really just needed a job and didn't pay much mind as to what I actually wanted to do in life. But in the midst of my confusion as to what my career path maybe- I received unexpected news I was pregnant. By far the BEST thing that ever happened to me to this day! The first time I ever laid eyes on my daughter I knew she was something special. Taking a million photos of every moment in my life and everyone else's (sorry best friends + family) has always been a hobby of mine, but when my daughter was born I was determined to document all of her milestones, first time moments, and capture precious memories I never wanted to forget. I went on a limb and invested in a decent camera that would last me as she grew up. Suddenly as I dug into the trenches of Youtube and self taught myself everything I needed to know about my camera, my new found passion went from being a hobby to a business almost overnight! People started recognizing my work and spreading the word and within a couple months I ended up booking my first wedding. I had over 20 weddings within just ONE year of business. Even now it's hard for me to believe sometimes how far I have gotten in this wild dream. Here I am in the year 2020- five years later with almost 100 weddings under my belt, an unforgettable experience, and my biggest passion. I am thankful everyday for this career that truly fell upon my lap. I have my daughter to thank for giving me that extra push and teaching me how to go after what I want in life. Without her my business may not even exist nor be at the place it is today. This is all for you, Iris Alivia! Your mama only wishes you are as proud of me as I am you one day!

Get to know the girl behind the lens...

Some fun facts about me! What do we share in common?!

  • I have a beautiful four year old daughter named Iris Alivia.
  • I started working at the young age of 13 (all because I wanted to be cool and get a cell phone. HA!) and held down that same job for 12 years straight.
  • I'm obsessed with the PNW, especially Seattle!
  • I'm afraid of heights, flying on an airplane, and tsunamis. Weird, right?!
  • I am a space and crime documentary junkie. I've literally seen them all. Please name one I haven't seen so I have something to watch!
  • As a photographer, I strictly shoot with my Canon 5D Mark IV and I'm obsessed with my Canon 35mm II lens. It rarely isn't on my camera body.
  • I have my degree in Business Administration.
  • The only sport I am actually decent at is golf and I really enjoy watching it.
  • I didn't find out the gender of my baby girl the entire duration of my pregnancy. BEST. SURPRISE. EVER!
  • Interior design is by far my muse and most intense passion besides photography. I have two long, tireless years of interior design and architecture under my belt from college. Maybe I'll use it one day.
  • I used to be an active runner and have ran countless races... 5ks, 10ks, 10 mile runs and one half marathon. Speaking of which I need to get back in shape and kick a full marathon's butt!
  • I bought my first house at the age of 25 and flipped it.
  • My favorite photographers/ social media influencers are Lindsay Roman located on the big island of Hawaii, Dawn Charles (who I had the pleasure of hiring my last trip to the PNW) located in Bend, Oregon and Katie Beth Lamb who is also from Mint Hill and went to Independence high school just like me! The way we met is one of my favorite stories to tell. She is now a huge photographer/lifestyle blogger/mama out in Kansas City while her football star hubby works for the Chiefs. I very much might be her biggest fan. Did I mention she used to rent property from THE Joanna Gaines?! Yep. Biggest fan.

“Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.”