Hey there, I'm the girl behind the camera

My name is Ali.

I'm a full time mama, intimate wedding photographer, and business educator. When I'm not capturing love stories- I'm listening to entrepreneurial podcasts, homeschooling my five year old, and playing with my crazy golden retriever. My love for photography started five years ago shortly after my daughter was born. Without her, I simply wouldn't be where I am today.

How it all started...

Going into 2021 this will be my fifth year as the owner and lead photographer of Alivia Photography. Time has flown and I can't believe I have been pursuing my passion this long already. I searched for my "purpose" for what seemed like years prior to starting my own business. During my time at college I have studied what seems like everything under the sun...including architecture, nursing, interior design, and finally I graduated with a degree in business administration. Even after years of studying, I truly had no idea what my calling was going to be. I really just needed a job and didn't pay much mind as to what I actually wanted to do in life. But in the midst of my confusion as to what my career path maybe- I received unexpected news I was pregnant. By far the BEST thing that ever happened to me to this day! The first time I ever laid eyes on my daughter I knew she was something special.

Taking photos has always been a passion of mine, but when my daughter was born I was determined to document all of her milestones, first time moments, and capture precious memories I never wanted to forget. I decided to invest in a decent camera that would last me as she grew up. People started recognizing my work and spreading the word and within a couple months I ended up booking my first wedding. I had over 20 weddings within just ONE year of business! Even now it's hard for me to believe sometimes how far I have gotten in such a short amount of time. Here I am, five years later with almost 100 weddings under my belt, countless families, and so many documented memories. I am thankful everyday for this career that truly fell upon my lap. I have my daughter to thank for giving me that desire in my heart to go after exactly what I want in life. Without her my business may not even exist nor be at the place it is today. This is all for you, Iris Alivia!

Fun Facts

+ I'm a mama to a beautiful little girl named Iris Alivia and rambuctious golden retriever named Denver. They are my world!

+ I started working at the young age of 13 all because I wanted to be cool and get a cell phone like the rest of my friends. I worked that first job for over 12 years... and yes, I ended up getting a cell phone. HA!

+ My favorite city to visit is Seattle. I went to the PNW for the first time in 2017 and fell in love! My goal is to live out there one day.

+ I'm deathly afraid of heights, flying on airplanes, and tsunamis. If I ever do make the move to Seattle, I will be driving ;)

+ I am obsessed with documentaries, especially crime or mystery. I'm a naturally good detective so it's only fitting I like to nerd out watching unsolved mysteries.

+ Interior design is my biggest passion outside of photography. I love doing DIY projects around the home and designing my own space or others brings me lots of joy.

Sometimes I have to pinch myself that this career of mine is reality. My job exudes my passion of helping people, creating art, and teaching others that their own dreams are never out of reach. I have learned such valuable lessons in the short five years I have pursued this passion. I firmly believe my expertise in photography and business needs to be shared so others are encouraged to live out their passions and go after what they love.

"Love what you do + never work a day in your life."

“Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.”